Why Faculty Should Seek Our Help

The Office of Foundation Relations plays a unique role in Development as the conduit between funders, the faculty, and the University. External funding - and, in particular, private foundation support - is becoming increasingly important to the academic enterprise. In order to realize the strategic goals of the University, Emory needs strong relationships with Foundations - and Emory faculty need to understand how foundations operate; which ones make the best partners for specific research aims; and how to approach them and build substantive, reciprocal relationships.

Our goal is to raise the faculty profile with foundations by submitting thoughtful, strategic proposals and building strong, reciprocal relationships with funders. We believe that faculty engagement in foundation fundraising is key to advancing the University's research and teaching mission.

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Seeking Grants

In addition to facilitating foundation connections, the OFR team assists faculty with grant proposals and post-grant stewardship reports. Our team works across campus to ensure timely submission and financial compliance for grant awards. In particular, we work with Emory's Research Administration Services, Sponsored Programs, and Finance, Grants and Contracts Office.

What the Office of Foundation Relations provides


The Office of Foundation Relation is here to facilitate relationships between the University and Foundations, so that there is a clear pathway between the two institutions for engagement - and between funders/program officers and faculty/administration.


In addition to providing helpful insight about Foundations and their grantmaking processes, OFR serves as an advocate for Emory faculty with potential funders.


OFR staff meets individually with faculty to learn about their research agendas and to assist in identifying potential sources of funding.

Writing Assistance

OFR staff edits and reviews grant proposals to help faculty explain their research in ways that resonate with specific funders' missions and perspectives.


OFR assists grant recipients with reporting processes and serves as a conduit between various offices involved in the financial aspects of grant management and administration.


OFR creates programming (such as general workshops and department-specific presentations) to help faculty better understand, and ultimately seek, external funding opportunities from private foundations.

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